Geotechnical and materials engineering

GIE is certified ISO 9001-2000.

Services Offered

Geotechnical engineering and geology

  • Identification of soil composition, of bedrock, and water table level
  • Bearing capacity of soil
  • Slope stability
  • Recommendations for all types of constructions (buildings, roads, load bearing walls)
  • Determination of groundwater flows and drainage
  • Inspection and supervision of piles

Hydrogeological Studies

  • Groundwater supplies
  • « In Situ » Tests

Quality control of materials

  • Verification and approval of concrete cement mix formulas
  • Sampling and testing of plastic concrete
  • Sampling by coring hardened concrete
  • Compression testing on concrete specimens
  • Sieve analysis and Proctor testing
  • Verification of soil compaction with a nucleodensimeter
  • Complete sampling and analysis of asphalt paving mixes
  • Paving and backfill supervision